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  • Monofilament

    Varivas Ocean Record Monofilament Shock Leader

    $20.00$32.00 Select options
    Ocean Record Shock Leader

    Developed in partnership with Seiichiro Tashiro, Japan’s leading Hiramasa Yellowtail Kingfish offshore casting angler

    • Extra strong for bringing in record-breaking game fish
    • Optimal stiffness does not interfere with lure action
    • Virtually invisible in deep water
    • 50-meter spool
    • VARIVAS spool band included
  • Monofilament

    Izorline First String 50 Yard Leader Coils

    $6.40$13.40 Select options
    • High quality Izorline monofilament line
    • 50 yard coils perfect for rigging & leaders
    • Available in Blue & Clear
    • Available line tests: 80, 100, 135, 150, 200, 300, 400 lb
  • Monofilament

    Izorline First String Monofilament

    $9.99$149.95 Select options
    • Tough & Premium low stretch monofilament line
    • Thinner diameter than most other monofilament
    • Available in many sizes from 2 lb to 135 lb
    • Comes in Blue & Clear colors
    • Several convenient spools sizes for any application
  • Monofilament

    Izorline XXX Co-Polymer Fishing Line

    $12.50$44.50 Select options
    • High quality co-polymer monofilament construction
    • Comes in Smoke & Clear colors
    • Available in tests 2lb – 100lb
    • 1/4 lb spools & 1 lb spools
    • More limp & abrasion resistant, great for spinners
  • Monofilament

    Momoi Diamond Monofilament Line

    $44.95$253.99 Select options

    Diamond’s tougher finish offers superior abrasion resistance for extreme conditions. New formulation offers tensile strengths up to 200% of stated line tests for the same diameter line. Superior knot strength and abrasion resistance are two of the most critical factors in choosing a monofilament. Diamond does both of these better than any other line on the market today!

    • Available in Clear, Blue & Yellow
    • Line tests: 12, 16, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130, & 200lb
  • Monofilament

    Momoi Hi-Catch Monofilament Leader Coils

    $21.49$34.49 Select options

    Momoi’s Hi-Catch Leader Material is an extremely high quality monofilament line produced using the strictest Japanese quality controls. It exhibits very low memory characteristics, and is flexible while maintaining the highest tensile strength to diameter ratios. Smaller diameter lines with extreme tensile strength result in improved knot performance when fighting hard charging big-game, off-shore, bluewater fish.

    • Available in Blue & Clear
    • Line tests: 80, 100, 130, 150, 200, 250, 300, & 400lb
  • Monofilament

    AFW Hi-Seas Grand Slam IGFA Monofilament Line

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    • IGFA true-test rated
    • Ideal line for the record conscious angler
    • Superior knot strength
    • High impact durability
    • 100% inspected & sized strictly to meet IGFA regulation
    • 2 lb high capacity spools sizes
    • High visibility color
  • Monofilament

    Triple Fish Monofilament Line

    $39.99$49.99 Select options
    • Dependable multi-purpose line for both fresh and saltwater
    • High knot strength and good abrasion resistance
    • Perfect for casting, bottom fishing or trolling.
    • Comes in Pink or Camo colors
    • High quality at an affordable price
    • Line sizes from 15lb to 125lb
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