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  • Jig Heads

    Damiki Axe Blade Lures

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    Unlike other tail spinners, the Axe Blade features a double hook just below the spinner blade to help you land those short bites you miss with other baits. The unique design of the rear hook also ensures it doesn’t interfere with the blade’s action or other treble. Known as a deadly bass bait, it also works flawlessly in saltwater for saltwater bass and rockfish.

    • Available in 3/4 oz & 1 oz sizes & 4 different colors
  • Jigs

    Damiki Vault Jigs

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    The Vault is a tiny blade vibration bait, great for targeting bass, as well as, various other fish species. Excellent for ripping through baitfish in cold water, it accurately mimics a variety of forage species with its unique vibrating action and realistic color patterns.

    • Available in 42 and 55 gm sizes & 4 colors
  • Soft Plastics

    Damiki Armor Shad Swimbaits

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    Armor Shad Paddle Tail Swimbait offer an enticing shad imitation that triggers big bites. They’re thicker and wider ribbed body provides a natural profile that fish find irresistible. Featuring a boot style paddle tail they produce a wider kicking action. Low center of gravity enables stable swimming and rolling action.

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