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  • Splicing & Serving

    DaHo Loop & Latch Needles

    $20.00$21.00 Select options
    • Complete assortment of all kinds of loop & latch needles
    • Create loops with the latch needles
    • Open up tight braid with the loop, or use it to splice together hollow braid
    • Loop needles available in 5 sizes
    • Latch needles available in 3 sizes
  • Splicing & Serving

    DaHo Threading Needles

    $15.00$16.00 Select options
    • Rounded tip hollow splicing needles
    • Available in 13 sizes from 20lb to 500lb leader
    • Easy to use and perfect for splicing
  • Splicing & Serving

    DaHo Needle Kits

    $50.00$170.00 Select options

    Daho needles kits will save you some money instead of buying them individually, and many options tailored to every kind of splicing. Whether you need a full set of loops, latches, threading needles or a mix of all of them, these premade kits have you covered.

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