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  • Jig Heads

    Coolbaits Underspin Lead Heads

    $6.00$15.00 Select options
    • UV400 Wormkeeper. This keeps your bait on the hook without ripping
    • The only underspin lure utilizing dual ball bearing swivels for maximum blade rotation – freefalling through a school of suspended bass, grinding in on boiling fish, or slow-rolling the bottom, these high-quality swivels & nickel-plated blades are always turning
    • Detailed design down to flared gills, premium 3D eyeballs, and a natural overall balance time
    • Mustad 2x Hook for lighter weight, more strength, & optimal hook set
  • Soft Plastics

    Coolbaits Dropshot Tails

    $4.99 Select options
    • Ultralight design provides the best action
    • A great pairing for the Coolbaits Underspins
    • Spinner blade causes tail to vibrate to attract fish
    • Available in 5 popular colors
  • Soft Plastics

    Coolbaits Ribbed Kicker Tails

    $5.99 Select options
    • The perfect trailer for Underspins
    • Designed to not interfere with spinning blade
    • Best patterns
    • 3″ size
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