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  • Jigs

    Catchy Tackle Spinner Bombs

    $32.95$33.95 Select options
    • Designed for wahoo casting, the unique spinner jet improves fast retrieve action
    • 4 & 6 oz heads for the longest casts
    • Chrome head finish to attract the wahoo
    • Reflective mylar skirt in the best patterns
  • Surface Lures

    Catchy Tackle Spinner Jets

    $26.95$32.95 Select options
    • Innovative spinner jet design, great for any trolling application
    • Rigged with fluorocarbon & ready to fish
    • Available in 3 sizes to cover any need
    • Works well for albacore, yellowfin, bluefin, & wahoo
    • Comes in several popular colors
  • Jigs

    Catchy Tackle Wahoo Bombs

    $21.95$24.95 Select options
    • Classic wahoo bomb design with some upgrades
    • High quality chrome, gold & black chrome head finish
    • Durable reflective mylar skirts
    • Strong single siwash hooks with integrated spinner blade
    • 4 oz for an easy cast on jig rods
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